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The Dutch Artist and His Muse

The Dutch Artist and His Muse

$19.50 USeBook: $9.29 US

Jan Sirks  believes experimentation is the  supreme right of every artist.

When  the  gallery  directors  of  Rotterdam silently close their doors and art-critics declare a war on diversity Jan  helps to gather an  army of like-minded artists from the avant-garde movements De Branding and De Stijl . Together they  fight for the right to exhibit in their own city. The battle brings out the demons, traitors and deserters of the early twentieth century  Dutch art world.

Jan is on the edge of sanity when his feisty muse Hillegonda retreats and forces him to look  beyond freedom and social justice. He delves deeper than expected  and is confronted with a deeply personal dilemma.

The Dutch Artist and His Muse is the true story of the quiet revolutionary artist Jan Sirks.

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